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What is iREADY?

Technology-driven Cosmetic Ingredient Database Platform

iREADY supports proactive Regulatory compliance observance of ingredients and management of product formulae in different markets.

Explore regulations of 32,000+ ingredients across 75+ countries

Intuitive interface with secure formulation repository

Check for compliance at innovation stage and ensure business continuity with changing regulations post product launch

Innovation-driven cosmetic ingredients database to track global regulations today and tomorrow

Why Do You Need iREADY?

Swift and Informed Decisions with Clear Analysis

Cut down the time spent for compliance checks with extensive inventory of 32,000+ global cosmetic ingredients (INCI Lists)
Access to niche Regulatory compliance requirements – Prop-65, SVHC, Controlled Substances, Endocrine Disruptors, Origin Halal/Kosher Certification
Compliance and safety assessment of products from ideation, formulation to lifecycle management, and threshold limits in different markets
Build, store, track and search all variants throughout the product development process and maintain track of a product portfolio
Proactive update of outlook on Regulatory developments in different markets affecting the product portfolios (USP)

iREADY Expertise – Ingredients to Formulae

  • Global coverage – Every country with a documented regulation or a norm
  • Easy navigation for comparing Regulatory status of various ingredients across multiple markets
  • Flexibility to build unique formula and check for compliance
  • Formulae Repository Management protected by IP safety
  • Latest updates/news on ingredients at fingertips
  • Alerts on the impacted formulae in Formulae repository based on new/update regulation update