• How many countries does Freyr iREADY cover?

    Currently, the Freyr iREADY platform covers ingredient regulations for 71 countries.

  • Which countries does iREADY Support?

    • ASEAN-10
    • Australia
    • Canada
    • China
    • EAC-6
    • EEC-3
    • EU-28
    • GCC-6
    • Hong Kong
    • India
    • Japan
    • Korea
    • MERCOSUR- 5
    • Mexico
    • New Zealand
    • Nigeria
    • South Africa
    • Taiwan
    • UK
    • USA
  • How often does Freyr iREADY database get updated?

    The Freyr iREADY database is updated every Fortnight.

  • Who manages the latest updates on the Freyr iREADY platform?

    A specialized team of Regulatory, safety and technical experts support all the updates in Freyr iREADY.

  • I couldn’t find the ingredient of my interest in the iREADY platform. What should I do?

    Kindly write to us at ireadysupport@freyrsolutions.com or raise a ticket via the platform. The steps to raise the ticket are as follows:

    • Step 1: Raise a ticket on the tool (top right corner)

    • Step2: Specify your query

    • Step3: The query would be addressed by our experts in 1-2 Business days.
  • Will Freyr iREADY suggest alternate ingredients, if my ingredient of interest is restricted in the market?

    As of now, the platform will only support ingredients which are listed.

  • I could not see regulations for the required ingredient in the targeted country. Why is it so?

    Freyr iREADY would only show ingredients which are listed or have a regulatory status in that particular market.

  • Can I suggest new ingredients and countries to be included in Freyr iREADY?

    Yes, please share your suggestions at ireadysupport@freyrsolutions.com.

  • What is the future road map for the product – Freyr iREADY platform?

    The vision of Freyr iREADY is to build effective Digital Formulation Assessment and Regulatory intelligence for Cosmetic ingredients.

  • What is digital formulation assessment?

    Digital Formulation is a Rule-based Regulatory Assessment of the product formula.

  • What kind of assessments does Frey iREADY conduct?

    Freyr iREADY provides Assessment for Regulatory compliance of formulations, market accessibility and product safety across global markets.

  • Can I suggest new rules for digital formulation assessment?

    You can suggest and our technical experts would make the possible changes. Please share your suggestions at ireadysupport@freyrsolutions.com.

  • If there is a system error in the Freyr iREADY platform what should I do?

    Kindly write to us @ ireadysupport@freyrsolutions.com. or raise a ticket on the tool. The steps to raise the ticket are as follows:

    • Step 1: Raise a ticket on the tool (top right corner)
    • Step2: Specify your query
    • Step3: The query would be addressed by the Concerned Expert in 1-2 business days.
  • What are your business support timings?

    We are available 24/5 from Monday to Friday. The standard Turn Around Time (TAT) for queries to be addressed is one (1) Business Day.

  • At what intervals do you update the ingredient news in Freyr iREADY platform?

    Our Regulatory experts update the news daily on the platform.

  • Which category of ingredients does Freyr iREADY handle?

    Currently, Freyr iREADY captures regulations from global Cosmetic and chemical inventories from regulatory authorities and recommendations from industry associations.

  • Can I also use Freyr iREADY on my phone?

    This platform currently does not support the mobile application. However, it will be available soon.

  • From where is the update of the flag captured?

    The Freyr iREADY team captures updates from various sources such as global news, social media, blogs and scientific literature, etc.

  • Can I get to see a single market other than cluster in Freyr iREADY platform?

    Yes, you can view information on a single market on this platform.

  • How do I import the entire database of CAS number and check for its regulations?

    There is a checklist feature under Formula Compliance, where you can import the database of CAS number and check for its regulations.

  • Can I also check if the CAS number is accurate or not?

    If the CAS number is not present in the inventory, it will not show any results.

  • How do I ensure that on iREADY platform the formulations are visible to us and not to anyone else?

    Freyr iREADY uses a multi-tenant architecture to keep your database secured.

  • Does Freyr iREADY also support multiple users on a single license?

    For data security purposes, we only provide one license per user.

  • Does Freyr iREADY provide information of companies providing raw materials?

    As of now we only provide information on regulations.

  • What are the available subscription models?

    We have two subscription models: Single user and Enterprise model.

  • On which platform is Freyr iREADY built?

    Freyr iREADY is built on Angular and Microsoft Technology platform.

  • Where is the data stored at the backend in Freyr iREADY platform?

    The data is stored on MS SQL Server.