Key Highlights


Centralized Repository

Freyr iREADY is a technology advancement in the pursuit of bringing ease and innovation to cosmetic ingredient search. With its futuristic approach and vast database, iREADY eases the search for ingredients and formulation development, reformulation, innovation for cosmetics to bring innovative products. Comprehending the same, Freyr iREADY is equipped with a robust platform collating regulations/legislations and industry standards for more than 33,000 cosmetic ingredients by Substance Name, Function, INCI, Country, and CAS Number, across 65+ markets.

Global Regulatory Information on a Single Platform

A cosmetics company chooses an ingredient for its products based on various geographies, regulations, and needs. Comparing the ingredient's Regulatory status across the globe could be a daunting task. iREADY, plays a pivotal role as a cosmetics ingredient guide, with its interactive dashboard identifies approved, restricted, and/or banned ingredients in a single click.

Supported by a Team of Regulatory Experts

Addressing the industry challenge of Regulatory compliance observance, Freyr has proactive cosmetic safety assessors and regulatory experts who review each ingredient in the database thoroughly. They interpret the complexities of Regulatory guidelines around ingredients and present them to the user in a simpler form.

Alerts on Changing Regulations

The Regulatory information about ingredients keep on evolving due to scientific and technological advancement. Keeping track of the changing regulations and their impact is a difficult task for any company. Freyr iREADY user is notified for any kind of new/revised regulations. The impacted ingredients are flagged in the tool with different colours based on complexity level of the update.

Secure and Personalized Access

Freyr iREADY is designed to meet the expectations by delivering smarter, more secure, and more personalized platform to its users. It provides personalized access and secure product formulas which are not even accessible to us.